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We are hiring a Maintenance Production Manager now!  Please send us your resume to get an interview scheduled today!!!  Below are the job duties and qualifications we are looking for!



Maintains and operates business unit to meet the goals established by Branch Manager. Oversees all operations within the business unit including labor, equipment, customer service, safety and administrative functions.



Manages all activities involving maintenance services including the coordination of all materials, people, and equipment required to produce a quality job.


Responsible for ensuring job site quality and ensuring that site appearance meets client and company standards.


Prepares daily schedules for crews, providing direction and goals to be accomplished emphasizing quality and efficiency. Manages and/or maintains record keeping systems including time sheets, weekly schedules, forecasting budgets, property spreadsheets, etc.


Works closely with account managers to manage all aspects of commercial maintenance customers and their needs. Including quality control and customer service.


Responsible for hiring personnel to staff business unit and terminating when necessary. Trains and mentors employees to follow company guidelines and procedures. Identifies new talent for future growth.


Monitors payroll, hours, and productivity of business unit personnel on an ongoing basis.


Provides hands on training and support of crew personnel in areas such as proper operation of equipment, pruning techniques, safety, and quality standards.



Currently holds position as maintenance field supervisor.


At least four (4) years of related experience.


Thorough knowledge of company procedures and equipment.


Thorough knowledge of departmental functions and organization.