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Avoid pulling weeds by applying a pre-emergent in Spring.

Avoid pulling weeds by applying a pre-emergent in Spring!

Nobody likes weeds. Crabgrass relentlessly invades lawns and flower beds time and time again. We pull, yank, dig, and try to hide the weeds with mulch, but there’s a better solution. With a little preparation now, you will be able to enjoy your yard for the whole season.

The Annual Lifecycle of Crabgrass
Crabgrass reproduces by seed. When spring arrives and the soil temperatures rise to about 55-60 degrees, the crabgrass seed germinates. It starts producing seeds from mid-summer to fall, and when winter’s cold arrives, only the plant dies, not the seeds.


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Stop Crabgrass Proactively with Pre-emergent Herbicide

To protect your lawn and flower beds from weeds, applying a pre-emergent crabgrass control in early spring is essential. Pre-emergent herbicides come in either a liquid or granular form and are easy to apply; the key is when you apply it.


Once you understand the crabgrass lifecycle, the name alone explains when to take action. The prefix, “pre” means “before,” therefore you need to apply herbicide before the crabgrass seedlings “emerge.” If you wait too long and the weed’s seeds have already begun to germinate, the pre-emergent will no longer work.


When to Apply Pre-emergent Herbicides in Columbus, Ohio
Applying pre-emergent crabgrass control to your lawn and flower beds ensures that you stop the emerging crabgrass dead in its tracks. But timing is everything! We recommend applying pre-emergent on or before April 15th, depending on the soil temperature to control summer weeds.

Crabgrass is very difficult to get rid of once it has germinated. By applying crabgrass preventer, you create a chemical barrier at the surface of your soil that kills the weed’s seeds before they sprout.


Benefits of Pre-emergent Applications Include:fertilizer and yard

  • Crab Grass-free lawn and beds
  • Less work for you in summer
  • More beautiful yard to enjoy

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