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Autumn isn’t just for football and apple cider. It’s also a great time for fall overseeding. During the summer hot temperatures, insects, and general foot traffic all take a toll on your lawn. Once the cooler weather arrives, your lawn is ready for some rejuvenation.

Cross-section of soil and grass isolated on white backgroundHow Grass Grows
Did you know that a blade of grass only lives up to six weeks? As the grass plant matures, roots grow downward as blades grow up and new grass blades – called tillers – develop. Because a blade of grass has such a short lifespan, the plant must continually produce new tillers or your lawn will start to thin out.

The best way to ensure that your lawn looks great year after year is to aerate and overseed in the fall.

Fall Overseeding Can:

  • Fill in damaged areas
  • Thicken sparse areas
  • Strengthen and protect your lawn from pests and diseases

The first step is to select the right type of grass seed for your area. In Ohio, cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrasses and fescues grow best. Each type has its pros and cons so do a little research to determine the right type for your property.

For the best chance of growth, grass seed needs to come into direct contact with the soil; this is made possible through aeration. With aeration, holes are created in your lawn to loosen the soil and allow air and nutrients better access to the plant roots. For more information on aeration and slice seeding, read a previous blog, “Why You Should Plant Grass Seed in Fall.”

When overseeding your lawn, make sure to calculate the correct amount of grass seed required for the size of your property. You can use either a rotary or a drop spreader to evenly distribute the seed and then water thoroughly when finished. For maximum effect, apply a fertilizer to the ground before overseeding.

Old lawns need overseeding! The reproduction rate of old grass plants slows down after several years. New tillers grow faster than the dieback of the older plants, so when you have young plants mixed in with the old ones, it is easier to maintain a lush lawn.

For aeration and overseeding in Columbus, Ohio, whether for your home, business or rental property, contact the lawn care professionals at Five Seasons Landscape Management.