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Fertilize your lawn in the fall and the benefits will extend throughout the year. Next spring your lawn will be more resistant to disease and draught, and it will turn green earlier in the season.

When cooler temperatures are upon us, the visible growth of your grass slows down and eventually stops. The roots, however, continue to grow and this is why fall fertilization is so important.

Fall conditions are ideal. Grass loves the cool temperature at night, the morning dew, and the warm-but-not-too-hot days that accompany fall. By providing the right nutrients and strengthening the roots, you help your lawn recover from the summer heat and prepare it for winter.

Fertilizer has three key ingredients:

  1. Nitrogen – promotes growth and green color of the blades
  2. Phosphorus – promotes growth of the roots
  3. Potassium – protects against disease and pests

In the fall, grass needs to store food in the roots and shoots to help it survive the cold winter. Fertilizer adds a nutritional “boost” that promotes healthier grass in spring.

fertilizer and yardIf you fertilize early in the fall, apply a slow-release formula. If you wait until later in the season, choose a fast-release formula.

Tip: To get the best results, make sure your lawn is moist so that the fertilizer’s ingredients are more effective. If you need to, water your lawn the day before you feed it.

Fall is also a great time to fertilize shrubs and trees as well as plant bulbs. You can learn more about planting spring bulbs in the fall in our previous blog.

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