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When people think about planting, they often think of springtime. However, fall has many planting benefits as well. Here in Columbus, you can safely plant up to six weeks before the first frost, which means well into October for Ohioans.

Reasons to plant in the fall:

  1. The cooler temperatures create a comfortable environment for working outside.
  2. There are fewer pests, so less chance for bug bites.
  3. You can get better deals on plant purchases.

Colorful spring flowers at Keukenhof Gardens, NetherlandsBulbs
Fall is the time to plant your spring bulbs such as daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, lilies and tulips. Remember, if your bulb has a pointed end to face that side up. After planting, make sure to provide plenty of water and spread a layer of mulch over top to hinder local critters from digging them up.

These hardy flowers love the cooler temperatures that fall offers and may even bloom all winter long. Choose a variety of pansies that have medium-size blooms (rather than large) and plant them in September in an area that drains properly as they do not like overly-wet soil.

In our previous blog (insert link to grass blog) we explained that fall is the best time to plant grass seed. Whether you need to thicken up and improve your existing lawn or you’re starting with a fresh lawn installation, bluegrass, fescue and ryegrass varieties thrive in the North.

TreesGarden tree being planted into the ground
Tree roots love the warm fall soil. When planting a tree, make sure to dig the hole twice as wide as the root ball, but don’t dig the hole any deeper. If the root ball is covered with burlap made from natural fibers, you don’t even have to remove it as it will naturally decompose. Worried about the wind? If you plant a tree in a windy area, you can stake the tree for up to one year for extra support.

Ornamental Grasses
Not only do ornamental grasses come in a large range of sizes and varieties, they are very sturdy, super low maintenance, and can be divided to create more plants. When plating in the fall, choose grasses in the evergreen variety because they prefer the cooler temperatures.

For fall planting in Columbus, Ohio, whether for your home, business or rental property, contact the lawn care professionals at Five Seasons Landscape Management.