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It’s been a chilly April in Columbus, Ohio, but spring is on the way! Here are ways to get your yard ready for the upcoming warmer weather.

Attack Crabgrass:Avoid pulling weeds by applying a pre-emergent in Spring.

These annual weeds are done sleeping and they’re ready to take over your lawn. Make a defensive strike of attack by applying a pre-emergent herbicide to your lawn.

How do you know when it’s time to attack? When forsythias and other flowering trees are in bloom, this means that the soil temperature is ripe and ready for crabgrass to germinate. Don’t miss an opportunity to protect your lawn from these nasty predators.

Rake Leaves:

If you have a mulching mower, you can save time by mowing over your leaves and leaving behind the beneficial nutrients. If not, rake the wet leaves and remove them from your lawn. Piles of wet leaves will block the essential nutrients and sunlight that your turf needs and can also promote fungus growth.

Prune Plants:

Make sure to remove dead or diseased branches and stems as they occur on all plants. For flowering trees, prune them soon after they have finished blooming. If you have not already, prune any ornamental grasses down to the ground. If big bushes are encroaching on your house or walkways, now is the time to tame those beasts and reclaim your space.

Preparation land before sowing  in winter


Prep Gardens:

Clear garden beds of wet leaves, rocks, and sticks and loosen up the soil. Add a layer of compost and work it in; this will add fresh nutrients your soil needs for the next season of planting. Then, apply the kind of fertilizer your crops will need to flourish.


Plan – Plan – Plan:

Take a walk around your yard and start planning new additions. Do you want a fire pit, paver patio or pergola this year? What perennials will you add? Any new trees to plant? This is the perfect time to prepare any changes and additions to your landscape.

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