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How to Decorate Your Yard for the Holidays without Hurting Your Lawn

With the holiday season in full swing, many of you probably have questions about managing your lawn’s health while also being able to decorate it with some holiday spirit. That’s why we’ve gathered some useful tips to keep in mind to help maintain the quality and health of your lawn while decorating this holiday season.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Decorate for the Holidays with These Helpful Tips

Holiday Lawn Décor Tips

Use Lightweight Lawn Decorations

Make sure your lawn decorations aren’t too heavy. If they are, then don’t leave them out for long as they can damage your lawn by crushing the grass and soil. In addition, make sure you aren’t hanging heavy decorations off tree branches, shrubs, or bushes, as the weight of the decorations may distort their shape if left on for long periods of time.

Keep Lawn Lights on a Timer

Keep your lights and other electronic decorations on a timer. This reduces your need to walk across or around your lawn to plug and unplug cords, trampling the grass, soil, etc. in the process. Using a timer also makes the entire display more convenient as it is a completely hands-off way of turning on and off your display.

Remove Fire Hazards from Your Lawn

Another important tip is to remove any risk of fire hazards when decorating your lawn. Obviously, fire can cause a lot of damage – especially electric fires. To reduce the risk of a fire, first test to make sure your lights are in good working condition. Specifically, make sure that your light strings are not frayed or shorted out. In addition, don’t use real candles. Instead, try the flameless versions that are okay for outdoor use.

Remove Debris from Your Yard

Even though it’s winter, and the last thing you are thinking about is yardwork, make sure you’re keeping up with general lawn upkeep. Clean up fallen branches and other large debris, rake up any piles of loose leaves leftover from fall, and make sure the snow isn’t piling up too high on your grass, when possible.

With these tips, your lawn does not have to be a victim of your holiday spirit. If you are struggling to find some lawn-friendly decoration ideas, check out the next segment of this article.

Lawn-Friendly Decoration Ideas

Christmas Light Laser Projectors

Remove the hassle and potential fire hazard of your typical Christmas lights by purchasing a laser light projector specifically designed for the holiday season. Essentially, they project a multitude of colorful LED lights onto your house, taking the place of normal, physical Christmas lights. The effect can be spectacular!

Projectors save you time because you won’t have to physically hang up strands of lights (going up and down that ladder can be such a pain…). And there is no risk for a potential fire hazard – bonus!

Porch and Front Door Christmas Decorations

Another lawn-friendly decoration idea is decorating your front door, porch, or deck. Examples include a decorative wreath or snowflake decals on your door, a giant candy cane or two on your porch, or mini Christmas trees flanking your doorway. You can also string lights and garland around your door to add a festive touch. These decorating suggestions are lawn-friendly as they completely avoid using your lawn at all.

Christmas Flags and Doormats

Outdoor Christmas flags or doormats are also lawn-friendly. Some people fly flags from a pole cemented in the ground or one anchored off the house. Add a holiday doormat and you’ve got a cheery entrance to welcome all visitors. Either option pose no risk to damaging your lawn, and allow you to express your holiday spirit.

Lawn Decorations to Avoid

  • Outdoor nativity scenes are festive and fitting; however, the statues can be very heavy and leaving them out for the entire holiday season can do some damage to your lawn.
  • Outdoor Christmas inflatables and lights displays (for example: electronic deer) can also be quite heavy and may crush your grass, resulting in long-term damage to your lawn.
  • Avoid hanging heavy ornaments and other decorations from weak tree branches or bushes. The added weight can bend and permanently distort the shape of your landscaping. If you want to hang outdoor decorations, find something sturdier that can hold the weight – even in cold and frosty weather situations. Read this article for more info on protecting your lawn from frost.

Celebrating the holidays while maintaining the health of your lawn is easy if you follow these tips. For more info on general lawn care and maintenance during the winter contact Five Seasons Landscape Management.