Irrigation Installation and Repair

Five Seasons Landscape Management provides lawn irrigation installation and maintenance to commercial and residential properties in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Installing an irrigation system to your existing lawn or landscaping will encourage the growth of your grass and plants and help keep your property lush and green in hot, summer months. After installation, our experts can monitor your system throughout the year to ensure it is performing to its maximum potential.


Irrigation System Services

Maintaining irrigation systems is one of the most effective ways to reduce wasted water and improve plant health by applying the right amount of water to the right areas at the right time. Efficient irrigation requires regular system maintenance including:

Spring Start Up: To get ready for spring, we prime the main line, verify operation at each zone, adjust the heads, check for leaks, test the controller, calibrate the run times, and identify any needed repairs.

Fall Turn Off: We prepare your system for winter by using a compressor to blow out the heads, valves and main and lateral lines prior to potentially freezing temperatures and turn your system off.

Ongoing Monitoring: To keep your system running efficiently, we run through your entire system zone by zone and check the coverage areas and run times. These run times may be adjusted to accommodate for seasonal changes in weather.


Commercial Properties

Irrigation Systems Save Money for Property Owners and Managers

As a property owner or manager, you want your apartments, condos, medical, commercial or office building to have a beautiful lawn and landscaping at a cost that helps your bottom line. Installing an irrigation system can save you money on your water bill because you control the amount of water needed to keep your landscaping green and your plants nourished.


Residential Properties

Increase Your Property Value

A great benefit of an in-ground sprinkler system is that you are able to schedule when your lawn and landscaping will be watered for a specified duration of time. This means that your plants and grass will never lack for water, even if you are not at home.


Contact us for more information on irrigation installation and repair services for your Columbus, Ohio, commercial or residential property. Five Seasons Landscape Management has the know-how to properly install, monitor, and repair your sprinkler system.

Five Seasons Landscape Management is certified and licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in categories specific to lawn(turf) and landscape(including trees, shrubs, and ponds) chemical applications and care. 

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