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Do you want to seed your lawn this fall in Columbus, Ohio? Whether you need to plant a new lawn, thicken your existing lawn, or fill in bare spots, the optimal seeding time frame is from mid-August to mid-September.
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Why Plant Grass Seed in Fall?

1. The extreme heat is over and the cooler temperatures make it easier to keep the grass seed moist.
2. The weeds that usually hinder new grass growth are not as big of a threat as they are probably dead by now.
3. The new grass will have plenty of time to mature and strengthen before next summer’s heat.

Other than simply spreading grass seed on top of your existing lawn and hoping that some of them will take root, here are two more reliable methods to get you on your way to a beautiful lawn next year.

Slice Seeding
If your lawn is old and tired-looking, or looks thin or weak, slice seeding is a great way to spruce up your existing lawn without completely replacing it. This method works by cutting furrows into the ground and then planting seed in the furrows. This way, the grass seed is put directly into the soil, rather than just sitting on top.

Slice seeding improves the overall density of your lawn and makes your entire landscape look better. Especially if you have a lot of ugly thatch in your yard, slice seeding can incorporate a better variety of seed into your lawn that is more resistant to extreme weather changes, pests and diseases.

Close up of dirt plugs and hole on an aerated grass lawnCore Aeration and Overseeding
When you aerate your lawn, you remove plugs of soil to create open passageways for water and nutrients to reach the soil easier. Spreading grass seed over your lawn after aeration gives the seed an advantage since it will fall into the open pockets, rather than just sitting on top of the soil.

The reason that the aeration technique is so popular is that it breaks up the hard, crusty top layer of your yard that forms over time. This compacted layer acts like a barrier, preventing the proper amounts of water, air and nutrients from reaching the roots of your lawn. You can to do this on your own, however, professional aeration machines may be able to pull out a longer plug, which will benefit your lawn even more.

For planting grass seed in Columbus, Ohio, whether for your home, business or rental property, contact the lawn care professionals at Five Seasons Landscape Management.