Pond Maintenance

Five Seasons Landscape Management offers pond maintenance services to businesses in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. No matter the size or condition of your pond, it is going to need ongoing, seasonal maintenance. Seasonal pond maintenance can be anything from algae control and pond dyeing to the maintaining and winterization of your fountain. Let our pond professionals maintain the optimal performance of your water features and preserve the beauty of your pond year round.


Pond Services Include:

  • Monitoring
  • Fountain Winterization/ Storage
  • Aquatic Plant Care
  • Fish Stocking
  • Algae Control
  • Fountain Installation & Repair
  • Water Coloring


Common Pond Problems:

Weeds: Aquatic plants can benefit a pond but they can also become nuisance weeds when they grow out of control. Excessive plant growth can result in mosquito growth, clogged drains and foul odors.

Algae: Excessive nutrient run-off from the surrounding area of the pond can cause aquatic algae. The algae can then lead to water contamination, unpleasant odors, dead fish, and unsightly ponds.

The pond experts at Five Seasons Landscape Management will inspect your pond, test the water and recommend treatment applications based on the size and condition of your pond. These treatments generally start in April and run through early October.


Pond Water Dyeing

Aquatic dyes not only improve the look of the water, they also limit the amount of sunlight that reaches the lower layers of your pond, thus reducing the growth of algae, weeds, and other unwanted plants. The dye is made from a water-soluble anionic food grade dye which is similar to the dyes in the foods that we eat.

Pond water dye is available in a variety of colors and the dye can be used year round. Normal treatments last generally 4 to 6 weeks depending on weather conditions. Consult our pond experts to determine the right color for your pond.


Contact us for more information on pond maintenance services for your Columbus, Ohio, commercial property. From algae and weed control to fountain installation and repair, Five Seasons Landscape Management is your pond care specialist.

Five Seasons Landscape Management is certified and licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture in categories specific to lawn(turf) and landscape(including trees, shrubs, and ponds) chemical applications and care. 

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