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Winter is a snowy and icy time of year, and with poor weather conditions comes the increased risk of slips and falls. If you own a business, you are responsible for keeping your employees, customers and/or tenants safe. Make sure that you are maintaining your property accordingly to help prevent any injuries.

Close up of snow plow on street.Five Seasons Landscape Management can treat your parking lots and walkways with salt and brine and clear away the snow when it accumulates.

Treating parking lots and walkways with Rock Salt vs Salt Brine:

Rock Salt:

This is a reactive way to treat slippery ground surfaces after the snow has fallen. The salt melts the ice and snow and keep it from refreezing. Salt is commonly used to de-ice roadways because is it relatively inexpensive and available in large quantities.

Salt Brine:

This is a proactive way to treat ground surfaces before it snows or freezes. A salt brine is a liquid salt mixture that, when applied at the right time, can prevent dangerous conditions.

When brine is used at the right time, it can reduce the amount of salt that is needed as the snow continues to fall.

Five Seasons Landscape Management offers snow and ice removal services for:

  • Commercial property
  • Commercial retail
  • Condos
  • Churches
  • Apartments
  • Office Buildings
  • Medical Buildings


We have payment options for any budget!

  • Pay seasonally – pay for the whole season and sit back and relax knowing that we’ve got you covered.
  • Pay per push – pay based on the number of times you need your property cleared.
  • Pay per event – pay for big storms where the snow is falling all day long and we need to come back several times to clear your property.

For reliable snow removal services in Columbus, Ohio, contact Five Seasons Landscape Management. Sure the winter has started out mild, but we all know the snow is coming soon so be prepared!