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If your yard needs a spring clean-up, you can either do it yourself or call the professionals at Five Seasons Landscape Management. Winter is over. Now we have to clean up the mess that it left behind. If you want to attempt your own spring yard clean-up, you will need certain tools such as a rake, lawn trash bags, either scissors or pruners, and a good pair of waterproof gardening gloves (and maybe even a tiller).

Or, you can call us and we can do it for you!

Either way, here are the steps to take to get your yard in shape after a long, cold winter.


Landscaped flower gardenHow to clean up your yard for spring:


Step 1: General Debris Removal

Remove trash, waste and yard refuse from your planting beds and grass. This could include dead leaves, dead grass, pinecones, dead plant stalks, dog poop (from your dog or a neighbor’s). Rake up the wet leaves, excess thatch, and tree droppings that are too small to pick up manually.


Step 2: Clean up Your Flower Beds

Start by pulling any weeds out – making sure to include the roots. If you only break off the weed tops, they will just grow back. If you have not trimmed your ornamental grasses, cut them back. Also, remove the dead leaves and stalks from your perennials.


Step 3: Pruning

Any dead limbs on your trees and shrubs should be pruned off in spring – except if they produce flowers that bloom early. If you have flowering shrubs that bloom in spring, don’t prune them now because you will cut off their buds. It is okay, however, to trim plants that bloom later in the year.


Step 4: Fertilize

If you use compost in your beds, add some more and work it into your soil. If you are expanding your bed area, make sure to use a tiller to break up the soil first. Chemical fertilizer can be added at this time as well, but be careful not to over-fertilize as this could kill your plants. If you have questions, ask our plant experts!


IMG_1021Step 5: Planting

Early spring is the perfect time to install new shrubs and trees as it allows the plants to get established earlier so they will do better once the hot weather arrives. You can also plant hardy perennials in early spring, but for the more sensitive perennials and annuals, wait until after the last frost!


Step 6: Weed and Pest Control

Springtime is when crabgrass prevention, such as pre-emergent herbicide application, is imperative. We discussed this in detail in our previous blog, “Protecting Your Yard from Weeds.”

If you have animal pests, such as rabbits or deer, that turn your landscape into their personal buffet, this is the right time to set up a preventive plan.

For a small garden area, install fencing to protect your investment. If you want a more natural repellant, try planting Coneflower, Foxglove, Lilac or Forsythia, as these plants claim to be deer-resistant. Want to find out which other plants animals don’t like to eat? Just ask us!


Lawn and landscape spring clean-up in Columbus, Ohio, is our specialty! If you’re looking for a landscape company for your home or business, contact the professionals at Five Seasons Landscape Management.