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Walnut Twig Beetles – Can We Protect Our Ohio Trees?

Concerned about the Walnut Twig Beetle in Ohio? There are many types of pests that can damage or kill your trees. Here is some helpful information:

Like its name implies, the Walnut Twig Beetle feeds on several species of walnut trees. These beetles carry a fungus that causes damage to the trees and can even kill them.

Originally a problem in warmer climates, this pest has moved into Ohio and the surrounding colder states, causing the potential onset of walnut tree extinction. People have tried to protect the infested trees by cutting off the affected limbs. Unfortunately, pruning the trees does not stop the fungal infection because the Walnut Beetles also attack the trunks of the trees, rendering them helpless.

Samanea saman, Big rain treeThousand Cankers Disease (TCD)

The fungus carried by the Walnut Twig Beetle causes Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD), a deadly disease to which Black Walnut trees are highly susceptible. So far, there is no proof that TCD has invaded Ohio, but the Walnut Beetles have (spotted in Butler County), so tree owners need to be proactive and take action to protect their walnut trees from this deadly, incurable disease.

To control the spread of the Walnut Twig Beetle, interstate quarantines have been enacted, restricting Black Walnut timber transport to occur only within state lines, and sometimes even within county lines. County restrictions make it especially difficult for landowners to find buyers for their timber.

Ohio’s forest industry relies heavily on Black Walnut inventory as Ohio is one of the top providers of this timber in the nation. Black Walnut is used to create high-quality veneer wood furniture and is a valuable economic and ecological resource.

For more information on the Walnut Twig Beetle or another pest contact Five Seasons Landscape Management. Our tree professionals have experience with all types of pests in the Ohio area that can pose a threat to your residential or commercial property.