The Best Bulbs to Plant in Fall to Enhance Your Commercial Property

Did you know these popular bulbs to plant in the fall will add vibrant color to your commercial landscape once spring arrives?

Business landscaping is an essential investment in your brand. After a long winter, splashes of spring color serve as a warm welcome to guests and employees. Here, we share bulbs to plant in the fall to make your commercial property stand out when spring arrives.  

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Bulbs to plant in fall

Bulbs are a low-effort landscaping element that pays dividends come spring. These bulbs to plant in fall emerge from March to May, offering a stunning, colorful display that will enhance the look of your property. 

Early spring blooms

  • Crocuses are one of the earliest spring bloomers and come in various colors. They look stunning when planted in large groups.
  • Snowdrops are delicate, white flowers that bloom very early in the spring. They are perfect for adding softness to your landscape. 
  • Anemones are delicate, daisy-like flowers that bloom in early spring. They are available in various colors and can be planted in flower beds, borders, or containers.

Mid to late spring blooms

  • Daffodils are bright, cheerful flowers that bloom early in the spring. They are deer-resistant and come in various shapes and colors.
  • Tulips come in various colors and varieties, making them a popular choice for spring displays. They are easy to grow and add color to your landscape.
  • Fritillaria bulbs produce elegant, bell-shaped flowers in various colors. They add a touch of sophistication to your garden and look especially beautiful when planted in groups.
  • Hyacinths are known for their strong fragrance and vibrant, bell-shaped flowers. They are available in various colors and look beautiful when planted in groups.
  • Grape hyacinths are small, grape-like flowers in shades of blue, purple, and white. They are great for borders.
  • Alliums are unique flowers that come in various sizes and shapes. They add a modern touch to your commercial landscape and are often used as garden focal points.

Bulb planting tips

The first key to a stunning show of color in the spring is to choose high-quality bulbs free of any signs of decay or damage. Plant your high-quality bulbs in well-drained soil a few weeks before the first hard frost. Properly-maintained bulbs will come back year after year, making bulbs to plant in fall a worthwhile investment.  

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