Essential Business Park Landscape Design Elements

Business park landscape design elements that will transform your commercial property into a welcoming oasis.

Professional business park landscape design helps create a welcoming, functional environment for employees, visitors, and tenants. Here, we’ll explore some key considerations and elements for your setup to create an atmosphere that will allow your business to thrive in the years to come. 

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Crucial business park landscape design elements

The following elements are essential to any landscape design. There are countless ways to customize each design element to your needs and vision. 

Green space

Well-maintained lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowering plants bring a sense of tranquility to your business park. Green spaces improve aesthetics and employee well-being. They also help enhance air quality and keep temperatures cool throughout the summer months to save on energy costs. 

Make your green space sustainable using native plants, drought-resistant species, and water-efficient irrigation systems. There are countless ways to reduce water consumption and lower energy costs while enjoying a lush landscape, and the right plants can help. Seasonal plantings with varying bloom times provide year-round intrigue and color. These blooms ensure your business park landscape design remains visually appealing every season. 


Well-defined and accessible walkways provide necessary access to critical areas. Pedestrian-friendly pathways ensure connectivity between buildings and encourage walking to promote a healthy lifestyle. Ensure your walkways comply with ADA guidelines so your space is accessible by all individuals regardless of ability. 

Outdoor seating 

Walkways can also guide guests and employees to outdoor seating areas with benches, picnic tables, or patio spaces. Outdoor seating invites employees and visitors to relax, hold casual meetings, and socialize. Comfortable seating and an outdoor Wi-Fi connection can turn outdoor areas into extensions of your office space. Protect outdoor seating areas from the sun with shades or pergolas to provide respite even in the hot summer months. 

Maintenance plan

Maintenance is what will protect your landscape investments over time. Landscape maintenance is essential to every business park landscape design. Develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to keep your landscape groomed, attractive, and healthy.

Finding a trusted business landscaping partner

Business park landscaping can make a meaningful difference in employee engagement, productivity, and business earnings. You deserve a commercial landscaping partner you can trust. Whether you are looking for a one-time service, routine maintenance, or a complete design, Five Seasons will ensure your property looks beautiful all year. 

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