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Here’s everything you need to know to get the deck of your dreams from commercial deck builders you can trust. 

A deck can add a ton of appeal and functional enjoyment to your commercial property. Here we’ll explore how you can create a space that your tenants and their visitors can enjoy – and that will get your property noticed. The right commercial deck builders can help you start building your way to a higher-value property and business. 

Our expert team of designers and builders at Five Seasons Landscape Management have years of experience creating custom, quality outdoor spaces for clients throughout central Ohio.

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What a deck can do for your property

Since the onset of Covid-19, outdoor spaces are an upward trend for residential and commercial properties. For commercial property owners, creating outdoor spaces is a fantastic way to stay competitive in today’s market and attract higher-paying tenants. More and more, the highest-paying tenants are demanding outdoor amenities like decks. Rooftop decks in particular are a popular, practical trend that will transform your space for the better. 

Commercial landscape design is an impactful way to bring added value to your business. A rooftop deck for dining or gathering is a perfect example. When you install a rooftop deck, you are multiplying the functional square footage of your property and giving tenants a luxury amenity that will attract more business. The views from a rooftop deck are outstanding, plus a rooftop deck offers enhanced privacy and security for guests.

Not only does our team assist with commercial deck design and build, but we are also adept at designing and installing the natural elements of your landscape to turn your rooftop deck into an oasis with privacy planters, pathways, and proper lighting to show it all off. No matter the use of your commercial space, our design team at Five Seasons has ideas and solutions to help you do better business

Hiring the best commercial deck builders for the job

An expert team will help make your commercial deck build a breeze. Our team of experienced commercial deck builders will help you to do the math. We will work to understand the weight maximum for your space, outline a clear time to completion, and ensure your project comes in at or under budget so that you enjoy a healthy return on your investment once the project is complete. We also know how to consider proper materials and ventilation to ensure your deck is built to withstand the elements and avoid damage. 

Putting together a large commercial project requires lots of teamwork with clients and suppliers. Five Seasons is your trusted go-to when you want confidence your job will get done right. From design to finish, we hold ourselves to the highest standard.  

Five Seasons Landscape Management 

Five Seasons Landscape Management is your partner for all your commercial landscape needs. We provide custom landscape construction for commercial properties in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. Your landscape design can pay dividends when it comes to tenant retention, attracting clients, and engaging employees. 

Whether you are interested in installing a new deck or something else, our experienced design team can help you find the right solution for your space. 

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