Commercial Entrance Landscape Design Ideas

These commercial entrance landscape design ideas create an inviting entrance and a positive first impression.  

A well-designed entrance can enhance public awareness and the overall reputation of your business. These commercial entrance landscape design ideas will help to establish a clear brand identity and create a positive experience for anyone who enters your premises. Here are some of our favorite design ideas to consider for your commercial entrance landscape. 

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Landscaping ideas for your business

You create a positive brand perception when your landscape reflects your company’s brand and core values. Below are six of our favorite landscaping ideas for your commercial property.

Signage and branding

Incorporate your company’s signage and branding elements into the commercial entrance landscape design to put your brand front and center. Use eye-catching signage at the entrance to display your logo, company name, or tagline. This helps reinforce your brand identity and boosts brand recognition. 

Greenery and plantings

Integrate greenery and plantings to soften the entrance area, and frame your brand signage with natural elements for added visual appeal. We can help you choose low-maintenance plants suited to the local climate. Incorporating a mix of shrubs, ornamental grasses, and seasonal flowers adds color and texture to create an inviting entryway. Where space is limited, flower boxes or raised beds do the job. 

Focal points

Creating focal points near the entrance adds visual interest and draws the attention of passersby. A focal point could be a sculpture, a water feature, or a striking architectural element. Focal points serve as conversation starters and make your entrance more memorable for employees and visitors.

Water features

A water feature is an excellent choice if you want to incorporate a focal point into your commercial entrance. A water feature like a fountain or a pond is a soothing and tranquil element to add to your commercial entrance landscape design. The sound of flowing water is calming and masks unwanted noise from nearby traffic.


Proper lighting to illuminate the entrance area is a must. You’ll also increase your brand exposure by making your entrance visible during the daytime and nighttime. Lighting also plays a crucial role in guiding visitors and keeping them safe. Use a combination of functional lighting, such as pathway lights and accent lighting, to highlight signage or landscape elements. Our team can guide you on energy-efficient options like LED lights that minimize costs.

Stairs and pathways

Design clear and easily navigable pathways leading to your entrance. Use materials like pavers or stamped concrete to create defined walkways. Incorporating curves or geometric patterns adds visual interest and safely guides visitors where they need to go.

Five Seasons commercial entrance landscape design

Hiring a professional company to build and maintain your commercial entrance landscaping design is the best way to ensure your entrance looks well-kept year-round. Our professional landscapers at Five Seasons have the knowledge and experience to create and maintain an inviting environment that attracts customers. Whether you’re looking for a one-time design and installation service or routine maintenance, Five Seasons is your trusted partner. 

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