Commercial Fence Installation – Putting Your Privacy, Safety, and Security First

Commercial fence installation is an important investment. Protect your property by keeping the things you want inside – and the things you don’t want out.   

Every commercial property and business has unique fencing needs. Commercial fence installation keeps your property, your employees, and your operations secure. But there can be a lot to consider when selecting the best project for your property’s needs. Working with professional design experts can help you select the fence, custom gate or access system to best accomplish your goals. 

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What do you need your commercial fence to do?

We understand that commercial fencing installation needs vary. Our experienced team is versed in a range of fencing materials, designs, and features to help you land on the right solution for your space.  Here are a few considerations to help you find the right fencing solution for you.

Add or increase security

A fence can help to deter unwanted visitors to your commercial property and in doing so, increase safety for your tenants and visitors, and cut down on theft. In certain contexts, your fence can also help to keep the public a safe distance from your operations.

Add or increase privacy

Not all activities are meant to be open to the public. Protect the privacy of your employees and your operation with commercial fence installation to keep privileged access privileged.  

Add or increase the aesthetic appeal

Polished fencing can improve curb appeal, attract new customers and improve your company’s reputation. A professionally-designed gate or fence can help to soften the appearance of an industrial space and improve brand exposure. 

What materials will best accomplish your goals? 

Chain-link fencing

Chain-link fencing is a cost-effective way to secure your area. While this fencing option isn’t an ideal solution to achieve aesthetic or privacy goals, it is a great solution for sports facilities, parks, playgrounds, or industrial areas requiring secure access on a budget. Chain-link fencing is also quite versatile – incorporate paneling for added privacy or barbed wire for heightened security.

Wood or aluminum fencing

These materials lend themselves well to properties looking for increased privacy, without high-security needs. This type of fencing can be an unobtrusive, aesthetically-pleasing solution for restaurant or retail use. Climbing plants love this type of fencing if your goal is to create a patio oasis.  

Security gates

This type of fencing allows for controlled entry and exit without the need for additional employees. This is especially useful for commercial spaces with round-the-clock access or security needs. This type of fencing also helps to improve curb appeal and can boost brand recognition. Controlled-access security gates are easy to operate, making them a good solution for commercial campuses requiring easy, automated, secure access. 

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