Why You Need a Commercial Hardscaping Contractor for Your Summer Project

Here we detail why hiring a commercial hardscaping contractor is a crucial first step to revitalizing and transforming your outdoor space. 

Whether looking for patios or decks, walkways, functional retaining walls, outdoor kitchen spaces, gazebos, or driveways, it’s important to entrust in the pros when transforming your outdoor space. A commercial hardscaping contractor can help you make your outdoor patio dreams a reality. They have the knowledge and expertise to suggest both hardscaping and softscaping elements like flowers, shrubs, and succulents. 

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What is hardscaping?

Hardscaping refers to designing, constructing, and installing non-living elements in a landscape or outdoor space. Durable materials like stone, concrete, wood, and metal make up hardscaping features. These are used to create functional and aesthetically pleasing features. 

Hardscaping elements complement and balance a landscape’s softer, living elements. Hardscape features provide lasting structure, organization, and support to a property’s overall landscape design. Commercial hardscaping contractors would agree that the best benefit to hardscaping is that it requires essentially zero maintenance once correctly installed.

What does hardscaping do for commercial properties?

Hardscaping can create an inviting professional atmosphere for students, employees, customers, and more. When designing hardscaping for commercial properties, it’s essential to consider the specific needs and objectives of the business, the surrounding architecture, local regulations, and the target audience. You can create a safe, cohesive, and functional outdoor space by considering your clientele and their needs. 

What are the best commercial hardscape features?

Are you considering adding a pergola or a walkway? Here are some of the best commercial hardscape features to consider for your outdoor space.

1. Entryways and walkways

Well-designed entryways and walkways made of durable materials like concrete, pavers, or natural stone create a clear path for visitors to your space and provide a welcoming entrance to the property.

2. Parking areas 

Paved parking lots with clear markings and signage promote efficient traffic flow, while driveways to loading areas ensure smooth deliveries.

3. Outdoor seating areas

Patios or courtyard spaces with seating arrangements, outdoor furniture, and shade structures like pergolas or umbrellas offer students, customers, or employees inviting areas to relax, eat, study, or take breaks. 

4. Plazas and large gathering spaces

Larger outdoor areas designed for events, gatherings, or outdoor performances can include features like open plazas, theaters, seating walls, or stages, providing opportunities for community engagement or campus or company events.

5. Pedestrian streetscapes

Incorporating decorative pavement, pedestrian-scale lighting, benches, and planters along sidewalks or pedestrian areas can enhance the overall ambiance and create a pedestrian-friendly environment.

6. Signage and directional guidance

Hardscaping features can display signage and directional elements, guiding visitors and customers to specific areas of your commercial property.

7. Retaining walls and terraces

For properties built on a slope, retaining walls can create level terraces. This provides usable space, prevents erosion and pooling, and adds a lot of visual appeal.

8. Water features

Fountains or water walls can be installed in courtyards or entryways. Water features make great focal points and create a calming and beautiful atmosphere.

Commercial hardscaping contractors at Five Seasons

Hiring a commercial hardscaping contractor to design, build, and maintain hardscaping that complements the natural elements in your landscape will bring new life and functional appeal to your property. Whether you are looking for a one-time service, routine maintenance, or a complete redesign, Five Seasons is your trusted partner. The professional team at Five Seasons has the knowledge and experience to get it done.

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