The Five Best Plants for Commercial Landscaping

Boost property value and increase employee morale by adding a little color to your commercial property. Here are the five best plants for commercial landscaping.  

A well-designed landscape boosts property value and strengthens the public image of any business. Choosing the right plants is essential to ensure your property can look its best year-round. If you want to impress visitors and attract new business, consider adding plants for pops of color. Here are the five best plants for commercial landscaping.

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The five best plants for commercial landscaping 

If you are a commercial property owner, chances are you want aesthetic appeal, function, and something that won’t break the bank. These plants are gorgeous, easy to maintain, and can be used to create functional spaces for students, employees, and visitors to gather. Check out the five best plants for commercial landscaping.

Ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses add movement and texture to commercial landscapes. They are drought-tolerant, disease-resistant, and hardy enough to bring year-round color and texture to your property. Grasses are incredibly adaptable to areas with poor soil or drainage and require little to no maintenance. 


Evergreen plants provide year-round color and plenty of privacy. They also serve as a consistent and striking backdrop for other plants during the growing season. Since evergreens don’t drop their leaves and most require minimal pruning, these are another great, low-maintenance choice for a commercial campus. 


Trees are a worthwhile investment to boost the perception and value of any commercial property. When properly maintained, trees, such as maple, oak, and dogwood, can provide lasting shade, privacy, and dimension to your property. Planting various trees can create a dynamic and diverse landscape everyone will enjoy.  


Though they only provide seasonal color, perennials like black-eyed Susan, purple coneflower, and coreopsis provide pops of color, shape, and texture to your commercial landscape. These can be placed in garden beds, around borders, or as focal points of the property. So, why do perennials make it into our list of the five best plants for commercial landscaping? They come back year after year! 


Hydrangeas, roses, and butterfly bushes provide color, texture, and a beautiful scent. Most importantly, they also provide excellent habitats for wildlife, so we love including them in commercial landscape designs. Additionally, incorporating shrubs in your landscape that bloom at different times throughout the growing season will provide long-lasting interest even as the months wear on. 

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