Hardscape Design Can Transform Your Property

Extend your space to the beautiful outdoors with custom hardscape design

Hardscape design is all the rage in landscaping today, for a good reason. Using materials like stone, pavers, concrete, gravel or wood, hardscape extends your useful space and increases the value of your property. What’s more, it enhances the experience of your property for clients, customers, or residents.

Picture this: curving steps, winding walkways, or beautiful retaining walls transform your outdoor space. Your employees feel welcomed on a bright summer morning to enjoy a cup of coffee on the new patio before heading inside.  Or imagine the burbling of a fountain creating ambiance outside your doors.

Welcome to the many gifts of hardscape design. Sounds good, right? But how do you get started?

Call the experts at Five Seasons Landscape Management at 740-527-6953 to ask about creating a beautiful custom landscape design for your property, or get in touch online!


What is Hardscaping?

According to The Spruce, “The term ‘hardscape’ refers to all of the non-living elements in landscaping, such as a brick patio, a stone wall, or a wooden arbor.” Hardscape design provides definition and organization to natural elements in landscape design. It can include almost any type of structure – from a path to a driveway to a fence. Or, while we are dreaming, wooden decking, a swimming pool or a charming pergola for lunch al fresco. Hardscape design can fit your dreams and your property in a unique way. 


What’s best for your landscape design?

If you’re thinking about creating the perfect hardscape design for your space, consider your full landscape and then dream big. Don’t hold back. Consider the features of the natural landscaping and how you want to see your outdoor spaces utilized. Then think about the spaces you’d love to develop over time.  Stone walkways defining the shape of your gardens or shrubbery while connecting areas of the property? A luxurious and modern outdoor gathering space? Now take your dream to a pro to help you imagine what’s possible.

When you schedule a consultation with Five Seasons, an experienced designer will come to you for evaluation and consultation. We will discuss your options based on your vision, expectations and budget. Then we develop a design and propose costs for your project. Contact us for more information on a hardscape design-build for your property. Call  740-527-6953.


Hardscape Design Projects with Five Seasons

At Five Seasons Landscape Management, our design & installation services include:

  • Natural Stone and Paver Patios 
  • Walkways
  • Stone Work
  • Retaining Walls
  • Wood and Composite Decking
  • Landscape Plantings
  • Arbors & Trellises

You might be surprised how hardscaping can transform and enhance your experience of your property. You can revitalize your office entrance, provide a welcoming outdoor environment for your employees to unwind, or more.

Five Seasons Landscape Management provides custom design-build services to small businesses and large commercial properties in Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. We have the experience to transform your property with a project of any size. Get in touch today and have one of our experienced designers meet with you for a consultation. Call 740-527-6953 or contact us online.

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