Hardscape Installation Brings You Outside

Amplify your property with hardscape installation that expands the ways it’s used and enjoyed

You’re thinking about how to expand the use of your property’s outdoor spaces. That’s why you’re searching for a dependable, highly-ranked landscape design team to enhance your commercial property with hardscape installation.

Your custom outdoor spaces will invite employees, clients, residents, and guests outside to enjoy favorite activities, take breaks or take meetings in the fresh air. Five Seasons invites you to imagine the perfect hardscaping project in Columbus, Ohio.

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What does hardscape installation include?

At Five Seasons Landscape Management, our design & installation services include:

  • Walkways
  • Stone Work
  • Retaining Walls
  • Landscape Plantings
  • Arbors & Trellises

And let’s not forget patios and decking. We’ll explore those last two further here.

Natural Stone and Paver Patios:  

A patio extends your space outside while creating a defined area for gathering.

Patios will invite you to take normally indoor activities outside and give firm footing to outdoor furniture for dining or lounging. And it’s not just for summer! Having a patio means you can enjoy time outside all year round, simply by adding a heat source. Time to consider a gorgeous outdoor fireplace!

When designing your patio, flooring makes a big difference to the look and feel of the space. Two great options for your patio installation are:

  • Natural Stone: organic and enduring, there are many types and palettes of natural stone to choose from. Examples of stone used for patio flooring include marble, slate, travertine, limestone, and granite. They vary in size and shape and can achieve a wide range of styles and sensibilities.
  • Pavers: made of concrete with the look of stone. There are many ways to customize a paver patio floor, from the pattern to the size, color, and texture.

Wood and Composite Decking:

Decks and patios are both excellent choices for open-air hardscape installation. They are typically used for similar purposes, but they are not the same. The key difference is that patios are level with the ground, where decks are raised. Decks can be a great way to appreciate the view afforded by your landscape.

Similar to patios, the flooring of your deck is important for defining its look, feel, and function. 

  • Wood: Wooden floors on your outdoor patio can be a beautiful choice. Some woods are better than others, and your wooden patio floor will need to be sealed and maintained. Wood could be an elegant choice for an outdoor sitting room or dining room.
  • Composite Decking: has a woodgrain look but it’s really manufactured from wood and plastic. This gives it a longer outdoor life and it requires less maintenance than real wood floors.  It is a versatile choice, with boards that can look rustic, modern, or in-between. 

How It Works

You’ve decided to reach out to the experts at Five Seasons for your hardscape installation! So now what? 

First, an experienced designer comes to your property for a consultation. We discuss your options based on your vision, expectations, and budget. Then, we develop a design for a hardscape installation that’s custom for your property with consideration of style, preferences and uses.

Next, it’s time to build it! We bring your hardscape installation to life. 

Contact us for more information today! Five Seasons Landscape Management has the professionals to design and create your beautiful outdoor space. Call 740-527-6953 or get in touch online!


Photo by Hiro Takashima on Unsplash

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