Landscape Installation: It’s More Than Just Plants!

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You’ve been thinking about giving your property a make-over through landscape installation. But did you know that landscaping is a lot more than plants? Landscaping right involves countless factors, from the quality of your soil straight through seasonal upkeep. And there are really great benefits like improved value, heightened curb appeal, and (the best one) increased enjoyment of your property! 

Let the licensed and accredited landscape designers at Five Seasons create a design for your outdoor spaces and provide you with hassle-free, ongoing beauty. You can count on us for a commitment to customer service and beautiful results.  

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What is Landscape Installation?

You can think about adding landscaping like adding an addition to your building – but outdoors. Walkways and retaining walls can totally transform your outdoor space. Patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens will expand your most used spaces and majorly enhance the enjoyment of your property. And plant selection and design make an important impact too. All of this falls under the term landscape installation.

Perhaps your vision is simply adding plantings around the foundation of your building to perk it up and beautify. Plantings around your building also help combat foundational soil erosion! But just picking a few plants out at the garden center and sticking them in the ground doesn’t do the job. 

Your soil, weather conditions, and growing zone matter a lot. Considering watering needs, pests, and color scheme is important too. Plus how much the plants spread, how tall they grow, whether they are annual or perennial, whether they attract pollinators or repel pests, what kind of light or fertilizer they require… well, it’s a long list. 

If it feels like a lot to consider, simply think about your needs and what you most enjoy. Then contact us and we can go over it all with you, to help your vision take flight! Simple!

Hardscaping and Softscaping

The term “hardscape” refers to all of the non-living elements in landscaping. Installing hardscape provides structure and functionality. And it can give definition and organization to the plants and natural elements of a landscape. Hardscape can include almost any type of structure – from a path, to a driveway, to a fence. 

Softscape, meanwhile, is everything alive and organic in your landscaping. Think trees and shrubs, annuals, perennials and other spring and summer flowers, grasses, and more. 

Combining plantings and hardscape will enhance the beauty of your property as well as giving you more ways to enjoy the outdoor spaces it provides. Consider both when you are imagining your new landscape installation.

Installation for special occasions

Sometimes, people choose to install a really special landscape design for a special event,  like a wedding. If you are planning to transform your outdoor space by a specific date, make sure you are planning months in advance. 

After the consultation, when our experienced designer goes over your vision with you, we will develop a design for your landscape installation. Then we enter the build stage. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time for your new landscaping to grow flush and colorful so it can really dazzle for your event. 

Whether you have a special occasion or just dream of making your property more beautiful, you’re in good hands with Five Seasons!  Call us at 740-527-6953 or reach out online for your free consultation today! 

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