Five Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Property

Landscaping is one of the ways commercial properties stand out among the competition. Read on for our winning landscaping ideas for commercial property. 

A professionally planned and well-maintained landscape adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any commercial property and keeps your space polished throughout the year. Our favorite landscaping ideas for commercial property will make your commercial campus stand out from the competition. 

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Five landscaping ideas for commercial property

Worrying about your property can feel like a lot when trying to run a business. That’s why we always say professional teams are a good match for commercial properties. An experienced team will bring the equipment and expertise to do a quality job efficiently and keep your property looking its best every season. Every property and business is different, but here are a few landscaping ideas for commercial property that we love. 

1. Lawns 

This is obvious for many commercial property owners, so we’ll get it out of the way first. Nothing sells a commercial space to onlookers quite like a well-manicured lawn. A professionally maintained lawn gives your property a clean, polished look and is a low-stress way to ensure your grass is trimmed, healthy, and fertilized.

2. Hedges 

Boxwood hedges are a classic choice for commercial properties because they are easy to maintain and can be shaped to give you the privacy you need. They offer unique visual appeal for any property and hold up well throughout the winter for year-round pops of color. 

3. Trees

Your property may already be blessed with trees. If not, they add shade and dimension to your property. We can help determine which trees are best for your property and soil conditions. Do you have trees you’d like to protect and maintain? Our team can help.

4. Hardscapes 

Plantings are only part of what makes a commercial property shine. Stone pathways and patios can be used to create a cohesive look throughout your property and have the added benefit of providing functional space for outdoor gatherings. Create square footage by making good use of available outdoor space.

5. Outdoor Lighting

Saving the best for last, lighting is among our top must-do landscaping ideas for commercial property. Not only for its aesthetic benefits but also for what it does to facilitate safe access to your campus and keep your property and tenants secure. Lighting truly offers a wide range of benefits and can work to highlight signage to keep your brand front and center.  

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