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Five Seasons’ sought-after contractors create a gorgeous modern patio design

It’s always best to build with an objective in mind. What do you want out of a patio? Are you yearning to host swanky garden parties beside a wood-fired pizza oven? Perhaps you would prefer a minimalist seating area, flanked by trim hedges and occupied by sleek outdoor furniture. The professionals at Five Seasons Landscape Management are here to create a modern patio design that celebrates your tastes and serves your property best.

Your patio is our palette. Call Five Seasons today to help bring your vision into reality. You can reach us by phone at (740) 527-6953 or request a quote online.

Starting from Scratch

If you are preparing to install a patio for the first time, congratulations. You can derive so much pride from knowing you had a hand in the design of your outdoor social space. Whether you plan to host events or create a space for employees to take breaks or take meetings outdoors, we take your needs and ideas into the design process from the start.

Consider all of your design options. If you are constructing a brand new patio, it is important to think about where the best location would be. If you are interested in incorporating garden beds or planters, take note of where you get the best sun. Or, if you’re looking to create a sheltered nook, contemplate what effect you could get from draping gauzy curtains from a beautiful new pergola.

Have a look through our portfolio to get some ideas on how to incorporate modern patio design into your property.

Take the Pulse of Design Trends

Decorative concrete is an increasingly popular material in modern patio design. Extremely versatile, concrete can be used to make industrial-chic furnishings such as countertops for outdoor kitchens, or even built-in benches.

Fire features always add interest. Rather than going down the rustic route of wood fire pits, you can install a classy natural gas fire table to get the modern patio design feel. On the flip side, water features such as fountains add pleasing burbling sounds in addition to visual dazzle.

High Visual Interest

Modern patio design is all about style. Have you considered what textures and materials you want to use? Our design experts can help you decide on the right additions to echo your existing property aesthetic. Harmony between the garden design and the patio is also essential.

Built to Last

Durability is as much of a concern as beauty when building a patio. With our accomplished team at Five Seasons, you can rest assured that all necessary groundworks and building regulations are met in the installation process. We build with proper rainwater drainage in mind to ensure that the patio is resistant to erosion.

Five Seasons Is a Leader in Modern Patio Design

The trusted professionals at Five Seasons Landscape Management can modernize your outdoor patio area. If you give us a dream, we can turn it into flagstone and concrete, porcelain and potted plants. Contact us by phone at (740) 527-6953 or request a quote online

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