Cozy Up to an Outdoor Fireplace Installation

Warm up with these outdoor fireplace installation ideas

There’s something about a fire that creates an inviting feeling of coziness like nothing else. Adding a fire feature to your property can welcome employees, guests, and clients to spend more time outside, even in the colder darker months. From a firepit to a full outdoor kitchen to an outdoor fireplace installation, adding a crackling fire will change the way your outdoor spaces are used.

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A big job with big results

Sure, an outdoor fireplace installation is a major project. It will take your patio to the next level and totally transform the ways your property can be used, year-round. That’s why it’s no small or easy job. The best way to go about it is to consult with your landscaping company and get their professional vision for the best fire feature for your needs. Then, have them do the work and you can just enjoy the results. 

Picture it now: a cup of tea while the fire radiates warmth at your feet. A cozy gathering place for entertaining special guests. A fun spot for the kids to roast marshmallows without the hassle of camping. Who wouldn’t want to upgrade their property with a fire pit or fireplace to enjoy outdoors?

What to consider about outdoor fireplace installation

When you imagine the fire feature of your dreams, picture a focal point for your property that radiates inviting warmth.  Then pick your style: Firepit, outdoor fireplace, or go all the way with an outdoor kitchen (or at least a pizza oven!)?

It’s important to consider how you want to use the fire feature. A firepit allows you to gather all the way around it and may look best in its own defined area of your property. Or, it can be installed right into your existing patio. 

An outdoor fireplace can be installed as a part of your patio too, or you can create a second patio specifically to gather in front of the fire. Think about the atmosphere of gathering in front of the hearth, and then move it outside.

When planning for a fire feature to be the centerpiece of the evening or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining al fresco, it’s important to think about your property’s unique features and work with them. Without feeling limited, consider the architecture of your building. Would it be best complemented by something sleek and modern, or more rustic? Do you already have a patio that you’d like to improve by installing a fireplace? Or will you be creating something totally new?

There are benefits to outdoor fireplaces near structures, or at some distance, creating an oasis to gather near. Perhaps after you follow a charming garden pathway to the cozy destination…

Add fuel to your outdoor fireplace installation ideas

It’s time to get the professionals on board to help you ignite this dream and make it a reality! Call the experienced team at Five Seasons to get started. 740-527-6953 or reach out online today!


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