The Ultimate Guide to Parking Lot Salt Application

Winter preparedness is a must for every commercial property owner. Be ready for winter storms with parking lot salt application.

Parking lot salt application, also known as brine application, is essential in regions that experience cold, icy winters. Brine application ensures the safety of all visitors to your property and works to prevent icy accidents. Our guide to parking lot salt application will ensure you are prepared to tackle winter weather this year. Here’s what to know about this process.

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Why is salt application necessary? 

The salt used for salt or brine application is rock salt (sodium chloride). It is applied to parking lots and other surfaces to lower the freezing point of water and melt snow and ice. 

However, timing is everything, and applying salt before snow and ice ensures your property remains accessible in winter weather. Salt application also improves traction and reduces the risk of accidents in parking lots and on walkways. 

As a business owner, you are legally obligated to maintain safe premises. Whether you’re looking to prevent accidents or keep patrons safe, it’s in your best interest to reduce liability wherever possible. Brine application is one of the best ways to do this.

Parking lot salt application best practices 

Timing is critical

Did you know that timing has a significant impact on effectiveness? Apply salt before a snow or ice event, as a preventive measure, or immediately after the precipitation starts. Using salt before a storm can create a barrier that makes it more difficult for ice to form, while post-event application helps with melting existing ice and snow. 

Proper spread rate

It’s essential to use the right amount of salt for your specific conditions. Over-application of salt can be wasteful, harmful to the environment, and cause corrosion to vehicles and infrastructure. A professional team can recommend the best spread rate for maximum effectiveness in the current conditions.

Maintenance and storage

Proper salt and de-icing equipment storage are essential for practical and safe application. Salt should be stored in a dry, covered area to prevent clumping and maintain effectiveness. 

Additionally, equipment, such as spreaders, should be well-maintained to ensure even distribution. Regular inspections and calibration of spreaders are also essential to prevent over-application. Hiring a professional team ensures that all of this is handled for you. 

Environmental Impact

Parking lot salt application can have environmental consequences. In fact, runoff from melted snow and ice can introduce dissolved salt into local waterways and impact aquatic ecosystems. To mitigate negative impact, use salt sparingly, incorporate other eco-friendly de-icing agents like sand, and employ best practices like pre-wetting salt to enhance its effectiveness and reduce the required amount. A professional team can ensure maximum impact on positive safety outcomes while minimizing negative environmental impacts. 

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