Pond Maintenance: Real Expertise, Real Results

You’re not alone if you love the beauty and tranquility a pond brings to your outdoor space, but having one begs the question: who’s going to maintain this? Now, you don’t have to worry. Call on Five Seasons for the best pond maintenance service near you.  

The results you’ll enjoy from a properly maintained pond are stunning. At Five Seasons Landscape Management, our goal is to keep your water features alive and in balance with regular pond maintenance you can trust. 

Let our pond professionals maintain the optimal performance of your water features and preserve the beauty of your pond year-round. Contact Five Seasons today.

Why pond maintenance is so important

A water feature is an investment, and with proper maintenance, can be a very valuable one. Proper monitoring and maintenance is the key difference between a stagnant, smelly pond and a soothing water garden feature that’s brimming with life. The right materials, filters, and pumps, and the right seasonal preparations can make this difference.

Proactive monitoring enables us to mitigate and identify any issues affecting your pond in order to come up with a custom pond maintenance program that will restore it to balance. Our recommendations may focus on biological, mechanical, or chemical fixes and are tailored to each client.

Preparing for spring

Your pond residents spend the colder months overwintering. We can help you support this natural process by deicing or aerating in the winter to ensure an adequate flow of oxygen to plant and animal life. But while pond life is slowed down, we want to help you prepare in advance for the spring thaw to give your pond its best shot at a healthy return to warmer temperatures. 

Over the course of a year, ponds collect debris from fallen leaves and runoff. Over time, the debris breaks down and becomes algae. A thorough spring cleanout improves water clarity and gives the fish in your pond a fresh start. Five Seasons Landscape Management can drain your pond, powerwash surfaces, and replace and treat your water supply. 

Spring thaw is a good opportunity to replenish beneficial bacteria before reintroducing fish or wildlife as most ponds lose some of their life-supporting bacteria during the winter months. An empty pond is also a great opportunity to look for necessary fixes to the pond floor, structure, lighting, or mechanics. 

Once full, we can treat your pond with pond dye to protect the pond floor from receiving too much sunlight that can contribute to algae and weeds. We are equipped to perform whatever maintenance your pond needs and our team of experienced landscapers will help identify where your investment in pond maintenance will carry the most value. 

Is your pond due for some TLC?

When properly maintained, ponds can be a real point of attraction for prospective tenants and guests and a real value-add for your commercial property. Show visitors to your property that you care with regular pond maintenance. 

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