How Your Residential Landscaping Company Creates the Perfect Design

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Your residential landscaping company has a lot to consider when creating the perfect custom design.

You know that there’s a lot more than lawn mowing that goes into the work of a residential landscaping company.  But what do they really do?  Put simply, residential landscapers work with individuals and their properties to create and maintain unique designs that serve the interests, tastes and needs of that household. 

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to creating the perfect design, from the “blank canvas” of the land itself to the needs and vision of the property owners. 

Each home is unique and the goals of the homeowner differ. Some people want to focus on ornamental plants and gardens. Some want to create outdoor rooms to extend their living space. Some people want to bring their landscape into harmony with nature by creating a habitat for pollinators and birds. 

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And keep reading to learn more about what landscaping companies do!

What is landscaping?

To break down the question of what a residential landscaping company does, let’s begin at the beginning.

Landscaping is an ancient practice. We don’t really know how far back in history humans were manipulating their surroundings to create beauty, or for practical purposes. Today, when we talk about landscaping, we are referring to a process of design, planning, implementation, and maintenance of outdoor spaces using both plants and hardscape elements.  

We are going to look at step #1: design.

4 principles of design

The landscape design process starts with determining the goals of the homeowner. Then the conditions of the site are considered. The principles of landscape design are composition guidelines that designers use to guide them in making successful, beautiful outdoor spaces. 

The landscape design principles include proportion, order, repetition and unity.

  1. Proportion (and scale) refer to the size and relationship of landscape elements to each other and to what surrounds them.
    This can include how they relate to existing plants, structures, and the human body, or even empty space. A place with harmonious proportions will feel good to be in.
  2. Order refers to the spatial layout or the organization and balance in a landscape.
    Balance can be symmetrical or asymmetrical and is affected by visual elements like form, color, size, and texture.
  3. Repetition is used by a residential landscaping company to create patterns in the landscape.
    Repetition can create rhythm through the grouping or arrangement of more than one of the same elements or features of the design. For example, the repeated use of the same color, texture, or shape in the plants or even the hardscape materials.
  4. Unity or harmony makes it all simply fit together.
    Landscape designers have found that grouping features in threes, or in other groups of odd numbers (like fives or sevens) feels more balanced and harmonious!

Five Seasons is the residential landscaping company you need

There is a lot to consider with each design, from site analysis, plant selection, hardscape goals, and much more. Your residential landscape is always changing, as plants grow, seasons change and people use the space. 

Five Seasons Landscape Management has the professionals to design and create your beautiful outdoor space. We will work with you to meet your goals and vision. 

Let us do the work and you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces of your home.

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