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Retaining wall installation is a popular choice in landscape design. Find out why.

Retaining walls are a popular choice for commercial landscaping, because they can enhance both the beauty and the functionality of your landscape. Retaining wall installation can add beautiful stonework to your outdoor spaces. Walls enable you to create levels and terraces. And, perhaps most importantly, they prevent soil erosion and help manage your rainwater flow. 

What is a retaining wall? A “retaining wall” holds back (or “retains”) the soil behind it. These walls can be built using various materials in a range of shapes and heights. But the pressure behind a wall that is holding back soil and water can be enormous  – so it is critical that your wall is designed and built by someone with real knowledge and experience. 

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Why add a retaining wall?

Retaining walls are great erosion-fighters, sure. But they can also be used to enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscape. Imagine leveling off a sloping area of your property to create a beautiful patio or an attractive space for your employees to gather and relax on breaks. 

There are several popular uses for outdoor walls, including:

  • retaining slopes and stopping erosion
  • defining a garden bed or other landscape feature
  • creating levels and terraces
  • building attractive seating
  • increasing property value

Whatever your reason for installing hardscape such as a wall, it should be built to complement the full picture of your landscape design. 

Materials matter

The materials you select to build your wall can complement the overall design and provide eye-catching beauty. A stone wall is a great match for a natural look, while concrete blocks extend the look of a patio built from pavers, for example.

 Retaining walls are often built from the following materials:

  • natural stone
  • bricks
  • concrete pavers 
  • poured concrete
  • wood
  • steel

Types of retaining walls

While the perfect wall for your property and your needs can be totally customized, there are some wall types that are popular for specific situations. Here are some common examples:

Gravity Retaining Wall  – This is the most common style of retaining walls, and its job is to get the job done. This wall uses its own weight to hold the soil back, and can be built from a wide variety of materials. 

Gabion Retaining Wall  – a specific example of a gravity wall, gabion retaining walls are multi-celled wire mesh boxes filled with rocks or other materials.

Sheet Piling Retaining Wall  –  This very basic wall can be used when there’s little space and soft soil. A thin wall of steel, wood, or vinyl, is driven directly into the soil. 

Cantilevered Retaining Wall  – a reinforced concrete retaining wall attached to a slab foundation that the soil holds in place. This is the most popular retaining wall, especially for commercial properties. 

Whatever your plans or needs for retaining wall installation on your property, Five Seasons has the expertise to help. Contact us today to set up a consultation with our landscape designer, and embrace hassle-free outdoor enhancement of your landscape! 

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