The Benefits of Irrigation Installation in Central Ohio

Upgrade from your hook-up hose sprinkler with irrigation installation

Automation allows us to “set it and forget it” — that’s a big benefit of irrigation installation over above-ground sprinklers. Our Five Seasons irrigation systems are programmable, so even if your property manager is away, your lawn will get the hydration it needs. In addition to installation, our team of expert landscapers performs system monitoring throughout the year, including winterization. Read on to learn more about how an irrigation system could be right for you.

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Year-Round Maintenance

In the warmer months, the last thing you want to do is be consumed by worry about lawn care. Not only are irrigation systems time-saving, but they are also water efficient. When our team performs irrigation installation, we make careful decisions about where to place the lines. The installation site matters as much as the right amount of water and correct time of day. But take heart, Five Seasons can take care of the details — and the upkeep too! Here is our season-by-season breakdown of how we keep our irrigation systems in tip-top shape:

Ring in the Spring

As the weather warms, plantlife begins to emerge from the defrosting earth. Irrigation installation ensures consistent watering which is essential in the spring when lawns are producing new growth. Five Seasons maintains our clients’ irrigation systems by waking them up from winter’s rest. After priming the main line, we verify operation at each zone by:

  • Adjusting the heads
  • Checking for leaks
  • Testing the controller
  • Calibrating run times

Beat the Heat with Summer Irrigation Installation

When you’re feeling parched under the summer sun, chances are your lawn is too. Irrigation installation ensures that your lawn is watered often enough, but also at the right time. Water can actually act as a magnifying glass and scorch grass if it’s watered in the high noon heat. Alternatively, if it’s hot enough outside, sprinkler water may evaporate before it can saturate the soil.

As we mentioned above, irrigation systems are programmable. Run times can be adjusted depending on the needs of the season. In summer, the best time to water is in the cool of the morning. That way, any droplets left on the grass spears have time to evaporate before temperatures peak.

Fall Turn Off

Towards the end of autumn, it’s time to prepare the system to go dormant for winter. Before temperatures drop below freezing, we use a compressor to clear out the water from all heads, valves, and main lateral lines. Then, we wait for spring to return.

The Key to Lush Green Lawns is Good Irrigation

Five Seasons Landscape Management has the expertise to properly install, monitor, and repair your sprinkler system. If you have questions about irrigation installation for your commercial property, give our team a call. We can be reached by phone at (740) 527-6953 or you can request a quote online.

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