Why Fall is the Best Time to Sod & Seed Your Lawn

As the back to school bells start ringing and the pools close up, we are faced with the unfortunate reality that the end of summer is near. If you thought that the cooler days, and weaker sunrays meant no more yard work – that’s another unfortunate reality.

Fall is actually the best time of year to revisit your landscaping and renovate your lawn. Whether you prefer installing sod or seeding, autumn isn’t just about hitting the books. Instead of getting a new wardrobe this year, you may want to consider a stop at Lowe’s instead.

Why You Should Renovate Your Lawn this fall

Depending on climate conditions, mid-September is the perfect time to renovate your lawn. The cooler air and sunshine create a more temperate climate for your grass to thrive. Soil stays warm through November, so grass seed won’t dry out as quickly and you don’t need to water as often as in the spring. Plus, you don’t have to worry as much about your favorite gardening friends – weeds.

By taking advantage of the fall weather and getting an early start on your lawn care routine, your lawn is given more time to soak up all the nutrients from the soil and stay healthy enough to protect itself throughout the harsh winter months so it can shine green, lush, and vibrant in the spring.

Should I Sod or Seed My Lawn?

There are many choices when it comes to proper lawn care, but laying turf (sod) or seeding your lawn is the most common. There are pros and cons to both lawn care techniques, so we’ll help break down the main ones so that you can be fully educated on what lawn care service works best for you and your home.

Pros & Cons of Sod

  • Quick Fix: Installing sod is a gorgeous way to quickly see improvements in your lawn. Once the area is properly prepped for sod, and it’s laid and trimmed to fit the yard, it only takes a few weeks to a month to be able to use the yard.
  • More expensive: sod is pricey compared to seeding. It’s not something you can skimp on either. You must buy high-quality rolls that are dark green in color, about 3/4” thick and still moist. You do not want dried out sod. The sod will not latch on properly to the soil and you’ll end up with a dry, brown lawn in the spring.
  • Small or Large Surfaces: laying sod works well in both small and large spaces. Since it is more expensive, smaller areas will be more conducive to a budget; however, if time is of your concern, than sod is the best way to go.
  • More Labor Intensive: laying sod requires a lot of lawn preparation and heavy lifting. This isn’t a simple Saturday morning job, make sure you have your weekend completely free.

Pros/Cons of Seeding

  • Less Expensive: seeding your lawn is about 1/10th the price in comparison to sod, so it’s definitely more budget friendly, especially for larger lawns. However, it also takes several months to fully grow as compared to a few weeks with sod.
  • Easier for the DIY Pro: seeding your lawn is a lot easier for those who wish to tackle their own landscaping as a DIY Weekend Warrior. It’s less time-consuming on the labor side of things and all of your supplies can be found at the nearest home improvement store.
  • More Natural: throwing down seed is a more natural growth process for a lawn than sod. It acclimates a lot better and the same seeds can keep for several years.
  • Longer process: Seeding takes a lot longer to establish a fully-grown lawn as opposed to laying sod. Seeds are planted ideally in the fall, around mid-September for the best results. It takes 2-3 months for a lawn to flourish from seeding. This is why starting early to mid-fall is the best time of year to renovate your lawn.

Do I Need a Professional to Renovate My Lawn?

Hiring a professional is a great idea for when you want to get the job done quickly and properly the first time.

Sure, anyone can research how to sod and seed their lawn online, go to the closest home improvement store and get cracking, but something that could take you an entire month’s worth of weekends to accomplish, takes our lawn care professionals less than a day – and we love doing it!

We’re Your Lawn Care Professionals

At Five Seasons, our goal is to make your lawn beautifully green and lush so that you and your family can enjoy it all year round. Fall is the best time to sod or seed your lawn, so contact us today! We can’t wait to get started (740) 964-2915.

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