• Reasons why you should mulch your garden and landscaping.

    With spring comes yard work. It’s inevitable. But it can also be satisfying watching all your hard work blossom and bloom around you. An important part of Columbus, Ohio, landscaping that most people don’t think about in detail is mulch. After all, what is mulch? And why should you mulch your garden and landscaping? We… Read more »
  • How to Treat Your Lawn in Spring

    As commercial landscapers, people often ask us how to treat a lawn in the spring, and our reply is not as much how, but when. Living in Columbus, Ohio, it could warm up to 70 degrees in February and snow as late as April, so it’s imperative to time it right and wait until your… Read more »
  • Five Seasons Landscape Management at the Columbus Home and Garden Show

    Five Seasons Landscape Management welcomes you to come see our beautiful Greek garden at the Columbus Home and Garden Show 2017, where this year’s garden theme is Regions of the World.   Inspired by classic Mediterranean style, our Greek-inspired garden is highlighted by a cobalt blue, dome-topped pergola supported by ionic columns, meant to resemble… Read more »
  • The Benefits of Using Seeds When Growing a Vegetable Garden Indoors

      Nothing is more flavorful and delicious than home-grown food. Even though it’s still cold outside, if you’re thinking about planting a vegetable garden, you can start planning – and growing – your seeds now in the comfort of your home. Want to Grow Your Own Seeds Indoors for a Vegetable Garden? Here’s How! Why… Read more »
  • How to Decorate Your Yard for the Holidays without Hurting Your Lawn

    With the holiday season in full swing, many of you probably have questions about managing your lawn’s health while also being able to decorate it with some holiday spirit. That’s why we’ve gathered some useful tips to keep in mind to help maintain the quality and health of your lawn while decorating this holiday season…. Read more »
  • How to Protect Plants from Frost and Other Winter Damage

    As we enter late November and the days get shorter and the temperatures drop, one thing becomes increasingly clear: winter is coming. And along with the cold weather comes frost and ice, both of which can wreak havoc on your plants and shrubs. But don’t worry. Winter may be considered the “offseason” for gardening and… Read more »
  • 3 Fall Landscaping Tips to Get Your Yard Ready for Winter

    Winter is coming to Ohio. The days are shorter, the grass isn’t growing as high – if at all, the leaves are changing color, and your yard is preparing to take a seasonal nap. But before you hang up your gardening gloves, here are three fall landscaping tips you shouldn’t ignore. Irrigation blowout, close and… Read more »
  • Why You Should Be Planting Trees and Shrubs in the Fall (And How You Can Get Started)

    When many think of fall, they mentally conjure up images of pumpkin picking, hot apple cider, ghouls, and goblins. Rarely do people think of getting their hands dirty in their backyard! Spring and summer aren’t the only times of the year to get growing. Did you know that fall is actually an excellent time to… Read more »
  • Why fall is the Best Time to Sod & Seed Your Lawn

    As the back to school bells start ringing and the pools close up, we are faced with the unfortunate reality that the end of summer is near. If you thought that the cooler days, and weaker sunrays meant no more yard work – that’s another unfortunate reality. Fall is actually the best time of year… Read more »
  • Planting for Pollinators

    One of the most important things you can do for your landscape is make it pollinator-friendly. Pollinators, such as butterflies and bees, help landscapes thrive. These creatures are essential for pollination. What Is Pollination? Pollination is the process of moving pollen from one flower to another of the same species. This results in fertile seeds…. Read more »

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